London Calling

Episode 1

Every year in December I come back to London. I’m a little crazy about Christmas and there’s just something about this city that keeps calling me. This time I went there with Eduardo, Sofia and Tânia.

Episode 2

Tânia and Eduardo are planning the day. An exhibition and a visit to a record store are top priority. Second day and Eduardo still refuses to use google maps, instead he’s using a regular old school map.
We made it to the exhibition and the record store!
We finished our day in a pub drinking beer and eating sausage..well, except Sofia, she’s vegetarian.

Episode 3

Shit! We slept in.
Eduardo is taking a shower while Sofia is drying her hair in the kitchen. Some coffee and we’re ready to go, we wanna visit two museums today plus a T-Rex concert.

Episode 4

No fancy plans today, a night out, junk food, beer and winter wonderland in Hyde Park.
I was waiting for this night all year and I’m sick! fuck.. no ice skating for me, i just can’t :( I’m walking around the house taking pics, Sofia and Eduardo are texting and Tania is watching netflix probably. Dark Series, I guess

Episode 5

We decide to spend the day visiting The Tate Modern museum. There’s a cafe On the top floor and the view looks promising. I’m trying to find them, sofia just texted me, they are at the swings area.
The exhibitions are ok, I’m not the most sensitive guy when it comes to modern art and to be honest I really think there’s a lot of rubbish that we call art.
I’m tired, need some coffee, sofia is gonna join me.

Episode 6

When we talked about going to London to see the Christmas light and winter wonderland I was very excited. It wouldn’t be my first time in London or even wonderland, but I was happy to go there again with my friends. I wanted to enjoy every minute so i made the decision to take just one câmara with me. I chose the Fuji x100f and it was just perfect. No bullshit, one camera, one lens can fit my jacket pocket!! 😃 I think it’s my favorite camera from Fuji but I have to be honest, I still miss those canon colors.

4 Days in Madeira

Estava em trabalho na Madeira quando recebo uma mensagem de uma amiga coworker do Porto.

 “Oi Zé tás bom? Estão duas miúdas Eslovacas aqui no Cowork que vão para a Madeira amanhã. Elas estiveram em visita aqui no Porto. Mostra aí coisas bonitas”.  

No dia seguinte estava a almoçar com elas e a planear os próximos 4 dias na ilha da Madeira. 
Praia, Montanha, Roadtrip, motas, boa comida, bom vinho e boa disposição. Os ingredientes estavam na mesa, ao lado de umas lapas e umas corais. 

Ficam aqui algumas fotos desses 4 dias.